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No Need for DataCap

Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. C Mart Technologies constantly strives to exceed your expectations by offering innovative digital solutions customized for the C-Store, Grocery and Specialty Retailers.

Stores also make up to 45% from all of the SmartRegister's Apps such as Digital Advertising, Electronic Bill Pay, Wireless Top Ups, Consignment and PINless International Long Distance which adds thousands of dollars in revenue.  Note:  Our Bill Pay provider processes over 25 million transactions worth over $3 billion.

Discover the ease of automating, integrating and managing the entire scope of enterprise components such as sales, inventory, marketing, accounting, employee management and bank card processing with our proven technology.

The C Mart Technologies SmartRegister is an Ultra High End touch screen Point of Sale system powered by Integrated Commerce Realtime (ICR) which is a proprietary, managed application that captures and aggregates transaction data from the POS and also enables stores to create, deploy and manage promotions directly at the store level by linking wholesalers to their store. 

This might sound complicated but if you use a smart phone, tablet or PC, then you already know how to use a SmartRegister.

Besides a built in time clock and premium inventory management capabilities, the SmartRegister enables stores to run their business more efficiently and instantly become Profit Centers by offering additional revenue driving "Smart Apps" such as Bill Pay (16,000+ billers), Digital Advertising, Wireless Top Ups (500+ providers), Consignment and PINless International Long Distance (800+ providers).

Our system's foundation is an all metal, 16" cash drawer for minimal footprint and includes 2 monitors - One 15" touch screen monitor for the store owner/clerk (Optional tablet and scales available) and one large 18" HD screen monitor facing the customer. The clerk enters each transaction, processes financial services and receives payment on one side with the touch screen monitor. On the other HD screen, the customers watch their transactions as they occur while at the same time viewing the custom-designed ads based on their purchases and for services in their immediate surrounding areas. Promotional offers relating to the ads may be printed on the receipt as well.

Profit from having professionals such as Real Estate agents, Contractors, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Wholesalers, Event Planners, etc. paying you to advertise on your SmartRegister.  Additional revenue stems from your customers paying their bills and adding minutes to their cell phones through the SmartRegister.  Imagine how much more shelf space you will have by not having to maintain a stock of phone cards.  Lottery and bottle deposit capabilities as well.

With over 800+ Wireless Providers, you simply pick a provider, enter the recipient's phone number and dollar sale amount into the SmartRegister to activate Mobile Top Up Data Plans and Long Distance Services.  Imagine how much you save in shelf space and costs associated with investing in phone cards.  With over 2 Million SKU's built into the SmartRegister, initial installs are quick and easy.  You will also have the ability to remotely manage your inventory/pricing from your phone, tablet or any other internet device when you are away from your store.

With real time measurable results, the SmartRegister will help your business flourish.

C Mart Technologies is able to place a SmartRegister in stores with or without our Credit Card Processing Program.  Just like all of the apps on your phone, you might only use a few apps on the SmartRegister, but you will get paid for any activity such as Advertising, Bill Pay, Wireless Top Ups, Consignment and International Long Distance.

So in effect, with no extra effort on your part, you’re making more money by selling advertising space and financial services in your store with the incredible C Mart Technologies SmartRegister.

Average Monthly Return On Investment Income

Additional Revenue:

Stores make a Percentage from integrated apps:

FREE Credit Card Processing -  For example, if you currently are paying $950 per month for credit card processing, you would save $11,400 every year.

Digital PINless Int'l Long Distance (15%) - Stores average $2,500/month = $4,500/year profit in International Long Distance sales. Never have to keep a stock of physical phone cards.

Bill Pay (Starting at $0.75 per bill) - Stores average 400 transactions per month = $4,800/year profit. Links to 16,000+ Nationwide - Utilities, HOA, Insurance, Cable/Internet, Automobile, Mortgage/Rent, etc.  Both Express/Standard delivery available.

Wireless Top Up Services (5% avg) - Stores average $2,500/month = $1,500/year profit in Top Up sales.  Never have to keep a stock of data plan/minutes cards.

Digital Advertisements (10%) - 30+ screens capability and ads printed on receipts.  For example, 30 ads at $99 = $3,564/year profit.

Consignment Program (Up to 45%) - Stores receives display/goods and up to 45% of the face value of items sold.  SmartRegister advertises on the customer facing screen to promote products on consignment in order to make sure that your customers know about them.


* All figures based on nationwide averages.  Sales will vary by location.


We ONLY make a percentage from YOUR SmartRegister Apps.  Therefore, we only make money when you do.



Ancillary Services Coming Soon: Money Transfers, Virtual Gift Card Mall, Prepaid Debit Cards, Check Cashing, Loyalty Program and more.


Inventory Control:

Automated Replenishment - Pre-configure inventory alerts to automatically notify vendors on your behalf.  Never worry about running out of any products or missing out on any vendors' specials.  Track product stock/profit margins - Count your full inventory and get complete count/costs.  Create many different types of shelf tags from your everyday items to specials and sales.


Preloaded SKUs:

Over 2 Million integrated Stock Keeping Units.  Makes initial install a smooth transition and daily transactions effortless.


Unlimited PLU’s:

Create as many different Price Look Up codes as you need.


Pricing Module:

Populate discounts in advance (e.g. X% off, Order X and get Y, etc.).  Create specials for your items for those Daily, Weekly or Special Occasion sales.


Age Verification:

Scan Driver Licenses


Dual Functionalities:

Save counter space by using as a high powered ECR and as a Restaurant POS for your deli.


Advertising Network:

Intuitive Digital advertisements increase sales of products and financial services.  For example, if your store is selling a lot of Pepsi, SmartRegister recognizes this and will promote snacks as a cross sell feature.


Online Portal:

Operate your business remotely from anywhere with Internet access.  Seamless integration with your SmartRegister means less administration.  Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date and online orders show up automatically in your point of sale.


Advanced Reporting:

Robust reporting that is customizable via secure portal.


Consultative Services:

We know you get many calls and/or visits from soliciting credit card processors.  Our exclusive merchant services cost reduction consultation allows for several options:

SQ 1) Use our $35 monthly service for unlimited processing.

SQ 2) We will use our preferred provider to match your current rates.

SQ 3) Allow us to spend the countless hours/days negotiating lower rates with your current/other processors on your behalf via RFP's or introducing a new business methodology/model for your company. We would only then receive 10% of your actual monthly savings. Therefore, it is in our best/financial interest to ensure you indeed obtain a savings.


Designed by Store Owners:

SmartRegister created with the input of store owners.


Financing: Cash Advance - Get extra capital for your business.



24/7 Technical/Customer Support as well as local technicians in your area. Employee training available.

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