High Risk Processing

For the purpose of risk reduction, always a top priority in this industry, acquiring banks are highly selective about the companies to which they underwrite and provide merchant processing accounts.

High Risk Business Types


•1-800 type chat sites
•Airplane charters
•ALL sexual oriented or pornographic merchants: (i.e. companion or escort services, adult telephone conversations, adult book stores, dating services, online adult membership or matchmaker services, adult paraphernalia or toys.)
•Amazon, Yahoo or Google Stores
•Annual contracts
•Automotive brokers
•Bankruptcy attorneys
•“Business opportunities”
•Calling cards
•Casino, gambling or gaming
•Check cashing services
•Cigarette or electronic-cigarette sales or nicotine cartridges
•Coins, collectible currency or autographed collectibles
•Collection agencies
•Coupons or rewards-points program
•Credit or debt repair
•Credit counseling
•Credit protection
•Debt collection
•Direct selling
•Discount health – medical care programs
•Debt consolidation
•Drug paraphernalia
•eBay Store
•E-Books (copywrited material)
•Event ticket brokers (unlicensed – non registered (i.e. Stub Hub type merchants))
•Exporting services (non US based)
•Fantasy sports websites
•Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers
•Finance broker, financial consulting or loan modification services
•Indirect financial consulting (i.e. How to Save Money by Lowering Your Electric Bill.)
•Financial planning, strategy or advising
•“Get rich quick” – books, programs, etc…
•High average tickets
•“How-To” type websites (i.e. “Learn How-To Make Money on The Internet”)
•Horoscopes, astrology or psychic services (i.e. fortune tellers)
•“Hype” products or services
•Hypnotists or self-hypnosis
•International merchants (non US based)
•International shipping, cargo or import/export
•Investment firms
•Investment strategy
•Investment books
•Lawyer referral services
•Life coaching
•Lingerie sales
•Magazine sales and subscriptions
•Mail order
•Membership organizations (over 12 months)
•Merchants on the terminated merchant file (TMF list)
•Modeling agencies
•Multi-level marketing (MLM)
•Music, movie, software downloads or uploads (ie. copywrited music, movies or software (i.e. Microsoft office))
•Non US citizens
•Off-shore corp. establishment services
•Pawn shops
•Poor credit
•Prepaid debit cards
•In-bound or outbound telemarketing services
•Real estate
•Replica handbags, watches, wallets, sunglasses etc… (knock-offs)
•Self defense, pepper spray, mace, etc.
•Seo services
•Social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc…
•Sports forecasting or odds making/betting
•Talent agencies
•Telephone companies
•Telephone order
•Third-party processing, factoring merchants (i.e. payment processors, vacation rental brokers)
•Time-shares or time-shares advertising
•Tour operators
•Travel services
•Travel agencies
•Travel clubs
•Vacation planners
•Vacation rentals (unless property is owned by merchant)
•Vitamin and supplement sales – diet pills, prescription pills, health supplements, pharmacy
•Voip services
•Extended warranty companies
•Weapons of any kind – guns, knives, stun guns, or ammo. Includes any parts of weapons (i.e. butts, triggers, magazines, etc.)

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