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Fastest Credit Card Machine

Simplicity combined with Excellent Reliability

Large memory capacity

Secure & flexible platform

Built-in contactless NFC

Superior connectivity

EMV & PCI compliant 


NOTE: FREE Wireless GPRS Vx680 available

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Cloud Based Mobile POS Technology

Built In EMV Chip Card Reader

Simple and Secure



Optional Extras:

Blue Tooth Printer or Barcode Scanner = $10/month

Thermal Printer + Cash Drawer = $20/month


FREE Mobile Readers


Accept magstripe and/or EMV chip cards out in the field



*Available with FREE credit card processing

FREE Ingenico iPP320 EMV PIN Pad


Secure PIN Debit and EMV Chip Transactions





*Available with FREE credit card processing

FREE Ingenico iCT250

Ingenico is proven technology that has already been utilizing EMV in Canada since 2010.  The iCT250 accepts NFC/contactless payments and optimizes countertop store checkout with a fast, secure payment solution.  It enables stores to accept credit/debit card electronic payment transactions and also supports new technologies such as NFC loyalty, couponing, wallets and QR codes.


*Available with FREE credit card processing

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FD35PP PIN Pad available for FREE also


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*Available with FREE credit card processing

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FREE Secure Mag/EMV Chip Card Reader with our Virtual Terminal


Accept magstripe and/or EMV chip cards out in the field

Process EMV chip cards anywhere via your PC, SmartPhone, Tablet, etc.


Connect via Bluetooth or USB

Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired USB to your phone or tablet remotely.  Supports Windows and Android devices. The low energy consumption extends the life of its rechargeable batteries.


Protects You 

Digital identification and authentication architecture that protects merchants and safeguards consumers' personal data.


Exceeds PCI regulations

Leverages strong encryption, secure tokenization, counterfeit detection, tamper recognition, data relevance/integrity and dynamic digital transaction signatures, which together validate and protect the entire transaction and our clients.

Virtual Terminal enables gateway-free, PC-based credit card processing via the Internet and eliminates the need for other costly POS hardware and software, turning your PC into your point of sale terminal. The program is totally functional, easy to use, secure, and 100% PCI compliant.

The Virtual Terminal solution is made for retail, restaurant, mail/phone order or Internet merchants with both real-time and batch payment transaction processing of Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express™, Discover®, Diners®, and JCB®cards. In addition to credit card processing Virtual Terminal, can also handle your ACH transactions and recurring payments.

Features Include:

  •  Customized user-defined fields for capture of non-standard data
  •  2-4 second authorization response times and full text on-screen authorization response data
  •  AVS and CVV2/CVC2/CID processing
  •  ODBC report driver and per-configured reports
  •  Application and transaction password protection
  •  Supports multiple merchant accounts
  •  Assignable user-friendly aliases to terminal ID's
  •  Generate transaction receipts and reports on your Windows printer.

Leverage your existing pc and your current Internet connection into a powerful, feature rich, payments processing terminal.


EMV chip technology is now available to consumers and merchants in the United States. These chip cards protect in-store payments by generating a unique, one-time code needed for the transaction to be approved. This feature makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit cards, helping to eliminate in-store fraud.

As of October 1, 2015, if a chip card is used at a traditional magnetic stripe-only terminal and the purchase is a counterfeit transaction, the merchant generally holds the liability since the card issuer has made the investment in chip technology to make transactions more secure.  If the merchant utilizes a chip enabled terminal, the merchant will not be held liable for this type of counterfeit transaction.

Most, if not all POS and ECR OEMs have elected to remain "Out of Scope" which means that a peripheral terminal is required with every system to accept EMV/chip cards. 
Security and PCI compliance are important to us here at C Mart Technologies.  
All of our payment acceptance solutions adhere to the latest PCI Data Security Standards.
PCI-compliant payment processing
    Point-to-point encryption and tokenization
    State-of-the-art fraud protection
    EMV chip card acceptance
Our platforms can maximize payment security by maintaining control over the entire transaction process.
National chains such as Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Honda, KFC and Burger King utilize this platform.
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