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Add Services without Adding Overhead

Additional Revenue:

Stores make a Percentage from integrated apps:

* Credit Card Processing - One flat rate of $35/month.  For example, if you currently are paying $950 per month for credit card processing, you would save $10,980 every year.

* Digital PINless Int'l Long Distance (15%) - Stores average $2,500/month = $4,500/year profit in International Long Distance sales. Never have to keep a stock of physical phone cards.

* Bill Pay (Starting at $0.75 per bill) - Stores average 400 transactions per month = $4,800/year profit. Links to 16,000+ Nationwide - Utilities, HOA, Insurance, Cable/Internet, Automobile, Mortgage/Rent, etc.  Both Express/Standard delivery available.

* Wireless Top Up Services (5% avg) - Stores average $2,500/month = $1,500/year profit in Top Up sales.  Never have to keep a stock of data plan/minutes cards.

* Digital Advertisements (10%) - 30+ screens capability and ads printed on receipts.  For example, 30 ads at $99 = $3,564/year profit.

Consignment Program (Up to 45%) - Stores receives display/goods and up to 45% of the face value of items sold.  SmartRegister advertises on the customer facing screen to promote products on consignment in order to make sure that your customers know about them.


* All figures based on nationwide averages.  Sales will vary by location.


We ONLY make a percentage from YOUR SmartRegister Apps.  Therefore, we only make money when you do.



Average Monthly Return On Investment Income

Ancillary Services Coming Soon: Money Transfers, Virtual Gift Card Mall, Prepaid Debit Cards, Check Cashing, Loyalty Program and more.


Inventory Control:

Automated Replenishment - Pre-configure inventory alerts to automatically notify vendors on your behalf.  Never worry about running out of any products or missing out on any vendors' specials.  Track product stock/profit margins - Count your full inventory and get complete count/costs.  Create many different types of shelf tags from your everyday items to specials and sales.


Preloaded SKUs:

Over 2 Million integrated Stock Keeping Units.  Makes initial install a smooth transition and daily transactions effortless.


Unlimited PLU’s:

Create as many different Price Look Up codes as you need.


Pricing Module:

Populate discounts in advance (e.g. X% off, Order X and get Y, etc.).  Create specials for your items for those Daily, Weekly or Special Occasion sales.


Age Verification:

Scan Driver Licenses


Dual Functionalities:

Save counter space by using as a high powered ECR and as a Restaurant POS for your deli.


Advertising Network:

Intuitive Digital advertisements increase sales of products and financial services.  For example, if your store is selling a lot of Pepsi, SmartRegister recognizes this and will promote snacks as a cross sell feature.


Online Portal:

Operate your business remotely from anywhere with Internet access.  Seamless integration with your SmartRegister means less administration.  Online quantities and prices are always up-to-date and online orders show up automatically in your point of sale.


Advanced Reporting:

Robust reporting that is customizable via secure portal.


Consultative Services:

We know you get many calls and/or visits from soliciting credit card processors.  Our exclusive merchant services cost reduction consultation allows for several options:

SQ 1) Use our $35 monthly service for unlimited processing.

SQ 2) We will use our preferred provider to match your current rates.

SQ 3) Allow us to spend the countless hours/days negotiating lower rates with your current/other processors on your behalf via RFP's or introducing a new business methodology/model for your company. We would only then receive 10% of your actual monthly savings. Therefore, it is in our best/financial interest to ensure you indeed obtain a savings.


Designed by Store Owners:

SmartRegister created with the input of store owners.


Financing: Cash Advance - Get extra capital for your business.



24/7 Technical/Customer Support as well as local technicians in your area. Employee training available.

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