Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Interest Rate for Cash Advance?


There are no interest rates but rather factor rates with cash advances. It’s a fixed cost solely based on what you are using the funds for.


For example, we purchase $11,000 in future receivables for the next X months and in turn, you would receive $10k for inventory, equipment, etc.


What if I am already charging a fee to customers for Credit Card Processing?

That's great, but you are only minimizing your costs beacuse you have to pay additional taxes on the extra income from manually charging a fee.  With us, we eliminate your cost since we line item the fee separate from your daily deposits so it is not considered taxable income.


Key Points


1.  Passing on the cost:  This ability for us to pass on the proper cost is essential to the success of the program.   Legally you can pass on the cost if you have a discount for cash option.  This can be in the form of other payment options like ACH or Paypal etc online and obviously cash in store. 

2. Understanding the software:  We developed a proprietary software that makes this all possible.  What is special about the software is that it calculates the correct % the customers credit card clears at and bills accordingly.  There are many factors that contribute to this rate but we are able to do this and pass it on at the point of sale very accurately.  Its a very complex software calculating hundreds of interchange rates.  This is what makes our software unique.

3. Savings:  You will save up to almost 100% of your current credit card fee's and AVOID paying tax on additional income if you were to try and bill the customer yourself with a convenience fee.

EG: If you are charging your customers a flat rate of say 3% yourself you are paying a huge amount of tax on all this additional income at the end of the year.   By us passing this on to the customer at the point of sale, it does not appear as income to your business.  Therefore, if you pass the cost on yourself,  your net savings would be approximately 60% versus 99% savings with C Mart Technologies.


We also save you the cost of employee hours to manually enter the fee and avoid any human errors key entering the fee because our PROPRIETARY API automatically calculates the fee.


For example, it may be between 2.45% - 9.67% depending on:

1)  The type of card being presented (i.e. Rewards, Commercial, Signature Check, etc.)

2)  The way it is being transacted (i.e. Swipe or Key Entered)

3)  The amount of the transaction



This program was validated by Visa/MasterCard on January 27, 2013 and is applicable to all types of retail businesses as well those who would like to accept card payments via traditional terminals, mobile devices or eCommerce. 


What is included with my C Mart Technologies SmartRegister? 

Each C Mart Technologies SmartRegister POS System includes the following:

• 18” Customer-facing High Definition Ad Screen

• 15” Clerk-facing Touch Screen

• 16" All Metal Cash Drawer

• High End Thermal Printer and Scanner

• Software  - Flat Rate Credit Card Processing, Bill Pay, Digital Advertising, Wireless Top

   Ups, Consignments and PINless Int'l Long Distance.  Lottery and bottle deposit

   capabilities as well

• EMV Chip Hardware/Software

• Professional Installation/Set Up

• Software Upgrades (Unlimited)

• Training

• Hardware Warranty

• 24/7 Technical Support



How long will it take for my C Mart Technologies SmartRegister to arrive at my store?

Most orders are fulfilled and received by the store owner within 10–15 business days. In the event an order fulfillment will go beyond this window, we will notify you.



How do I set up my C Mart Technologies SmartRegister once it arrives?

C Mart Technologies will send out a professional installer to help you get set up quickly and efficiently on your new SmartRegister and training will be scheduled at the same time as the installation.


Standard installation typically takes less than an hour. An internet connection is required. With over 2 million pre-loaded SKUs already built into our cloud system, edit store products or prices within seconds.



How do the Wireless Top Ups and Long Distance services work?

While you are scanning items, you may also pick the Top Ups and/or Long Distance provider on the touchscreen and just enter the  recipient's phone number and dollar sales amount into the SmartRegister.  Once the customer pays, a text is immediately sent to the recipient notifying them that they have data/minutes for their phone.



Can I make money by selling advertising space on the C Mart Technologies SmartRegister's customer facing screen?

Yes, store owners automatically earn 10% of all advertising revenue on ads shown on the screen(s) in their store(s). If you bring in the Advertiser client, you will make an additional share of all net advertising revenue generated from that client, whether the ads are shown on the screens in your store or not.


You may sell advertisements to local businesses who already advertise in your neighborhood, including:


• Attorneys, Accountants, Agents for Real Estate/Insurance/Travel, etc.

• Restaurants and bars.

• Taxi cabs, Limos and other transportation companies.


If you see a billboard/flyer or read local classifieds – these are potential advertisers for your location.


If you have an advertiser interested in placing an ad within your store's SmartRegister, we will work with you and the client to design a media plan. You receive ad residuals for as long as the ad is active.



What if I currently only have a Fuel System in the store?

If you have more than one employee in the store, you may use the SmartRegister to manage your inventory by itemizing your products' sales rather than having them combined with all of your fuel transactions.  While you are away from the store, use your cell phone to track profits and the additional revenue from all of the apps within the SmartRegister. 


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