Smart Technology
Smart Technology

C Mart Technologies discovered there was a niche market within the C-Store/Grocery sector and Specialty Retail by supplying a proprietary/revenue driving Point of Sales system.  Coupled with our $49 per month Credit Card Processing/Cash Discount program, we offer a savings program unlike any other company in the world.

C Mart Technologies is the U.S. Regional Supplier and oversees all strategies, sales and operations in order to simplify the distribution channel and maintain the supply chain. We have countless years of experience with Small to National sized accounts. 

C Mart Technologies partners with a multitude of technology companies to further increase the size and scope of our National footprint.

What has evolved from all of this is a company thriving on the philosophy of distributing a "Best in Class" Point of Sale system and Credit Card Processing supported by internal 24/7 Technical Support as well as Local (on call) Technicians.

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