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$35/Month - " Limitless " Credit Card Processing

We are one of the only companies in the United States to offer this unique $35/month Cash Discount program.  The concept is the same as gas stations where you offer your customers a "credit" price and a "cash" price (i.e. Your current price for your product/services). 

You can easily figure out how much you will save monthly/annually in credit card fees without having someone do a detailed analysis of your statements. 

For example, if you pay $900/month for credit card processing, you will save $865/month ($10,380/year) with us.  It's that simple. 

This program was validated by Visa/MasterCard on January 27, 2013 and is applicable to all types of retail businesses as well those who would like to accept card payments via traditional terminals, mobile devices or eCommerce. 

Since the Interchange rates are subject to change (i.e. Increase) every 6 months, our proprietary system automatically calculates the fee.  For example, it may require 2.33%, 3.54%, 3.78%, etc. depending on:

1) The type of card being presented (i.e. Rewards, Commercial, Signature Check, etc.)

2) The way it is being transacted (i.e. Swipe or Key Entered)

3) The amount of the transaction.

Click here and play as slideshow to find out how Interchange and the Cost of Acceptance works
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SmartRegister - Profit Center Designed for C-Stores/Grocery and Specialty Retailers

Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. C Mart Technologies constantly strives to exceed your expectations by offering innovative digital solutions customized for the C-Store, Grocery and Specialty Retailers.

Stores also make up to 45% from all of the SmartRegister's Apps such as Digital Advertising, Electronic Bill Pay, Wireless Top Ups, Consignment and PINless International Long Distance which adds thousands of dollars in revenue.  Note:  Our Bill Pay provider processes over 25 million transactions worth over $3 billion.

Discover the ease of automating, integrating and managing the entire scope of enterprise components such as sales, inventory, marketing, accounting, employee management and bank card processing with our proven technology.


We believe the technology supporting your business should reflect the needs of your company.


Discover our range of services and find out how they create additional income for you.


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