FREE Credit Card Processing

                    and FREE Equipment

IT'S SIMPLE:  If you pay $900/month for credit card processing, you will save $900/month ($10,800/year) with us. 

It's the same as gas stations where they have a "credit" price and a "cash" price (i.e. Your current price for your product/services).

RISK FREE POLICY:  If for any reason this program doesn't work out for you, we will just switch you back to traditional processing and match your previous rates (or lower them if we can).

TRADITIONAL processing where we reduce your credit card processing fees and provide Next Day Funding (10PM ET).

  NO Set Up Fee                                              NO Annual Fee                                                NO Cancellation Fee

                                           SAVINGS GUARANTEED

FREE EMV Equipment

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Cash Advance

- Up to $250,000 Working Capital *

- Underwriting with same day approvals

- Funding in as little as 72 hours

- Leverage future credit card sales to pay 




NO Up Front Costs

NO Application Fees

NO Collateral or Down Payment Needed

NO Personal Guarantee

NO Pre-Payment Penalty **

Just complete one-page application, provide 3 most recent bank statements and processing statements (Min. FICO score 500)

                                   IT'S THAT EASY!

* NOT a loan, so will not show on your credit report

** Additional funding available before paying off previous advance

High Risk Processing

If your business is considered as "High Risk" when it comes to accepting credit cards, we can lower your fees by 50% or more.


Features of HL2


·  10.1" Color screen

·  Illuminated integrated topper sign

·  Positioned to support cardless cash withdrawls using

   an optional NFC & 1,000 Note removable cassette

· 100% Surcharge fee payout ($0.50 - $10)

·  Electronic lock and Lottery Ready

·  Lease to Own


Height: 54.2″ Width: 15.7″
Depth: 23.4″ Weight: 265lbs

Features of 27CE


·  10.2" Color screen

·  Illuminated integrated topper sign

·  Anti-skimming Technology & Supports 6 Languages

·  100% Surcharge fee payout ($0.50 - $10)

· 1,000 Note removable cassette

·  Lottery Ready

·  Lease to Own


Height: 52.3″ Width: 15.7″
Depth: 18.4″ Weight: 264.5lbs

ALIPAY and WeChat Pay

Who Accepts ALIPAY and WeChat Pay?

·  Major airports, hotels, retailers, restaurants, destination

   attractions, transportation etc. 


Such as ABC Stores, 99 Ranch Market, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Hilton Hotels, Panda Express, Duty Free Stores SFO/LAX/JFK



·  Attract more Asian customers, increase spending and drive


·  Fast checkout

·  Zero charge backs

·  Avoid foreign currency exchange

·  Lower rate compared to international credit card processing



1 - Accept ALIPAY by downloading our FREE app on your phone or the tablet we provide to you for FREE.  Use it as a main or back up for your Visa/MC/Disc/Amex processing as well.


2- Deluxe package:  Accept WeChat Pay, ALIPAY and Union Pay by purchasing a specially designed terminal which you may also use for Visa/MC/Disc/Amex as well.

eCommerce Shopping Carts



·  Secure and Reliable Transactions

·  Illuminated integrated topper sign

·  Extensive Customization

·  Hosted Checkout

·  Shopping Cart

·  Payment API Features




FREE EMV Equipment

Everyone is talking about it.  What you need to know about chip card technology



We believe the technology supporting your business should reflect the needs of your company

High Risk Processing

We lower cost of acceptance for High Risk businesses

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